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The most iconic of the new filtered coffee methods, the Hario V60 strainer has numerous material and size options for you to easily prepare your traditional brewed coffee in the best possible style. What sets V60 apart and makes it special is that it is designed to make the best of your special coffee.

The "secret" Hario V60: The Japanese method created in 2011 has a triangular conical filter with a 60 degree vertex (hence the name). Internally, it has slightly spiraled vertical lines that allow water to pass through the powder in a flow that accentuates the circular movement, in addition to removing the paper from the equipment and allowing the coffee to breathe. The single large hole in the base prevents the infusion from accumulating to be filtered. These characteristics interfere with the sensory of the drink by generating a faster extraction and without interference. The Hario v60 is simple to prepare and clean. The coffee made in it is usually balanced, with a clean texture. It is available in different colors and materials, such as acrylic, glass and ceramic.

How to make:
1- Use coffee with grind: Medium. Always prefer to grind on the spot;
2- Place the paper filter in the strainer. Use Hario Paper Filter 01;
3- Scald the filter with hot water to remove impurities from the paper;
4- Weigh the coffee, in order to define the proportion of coffee x water used (it can vary between 10 to 20ml per gram of coffee used. The smaller, the stronger the coffee will be. Test to your taste);
5- Place the coffee in the paper filter and pour the water (temperature between 92/93 degrees) in a circular motion from the center on the surface of the powder, in an amount of approx. 50g of water. Leave in pre-infusion for 30 seconds;
6- Pour the remaining water continuously, always starting from the center and making circular movements so that all the coffee is uniformly involved;
7- Wait for the extraction to finish and ready, time to serve the coffee!

About Hario: The company has been dedicated to the design, production and sale of heat-resistant glass since it was founded in 1921. In 1964, it expanded production to household items, starting with the coffee siphon. It also started producing lenses for automotive headlights in 1980. Today, it continues to manufacture a variety of items, from kitchen utensils with microwave safety and in particular coffee and tea utensils.

Filter Holder V60-01 White Acrylic

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